2. In correct means and procedures the sum to be transferred to the officials or the established bank account.

Account no. 25120110019658




IFSC: UCBA0002512


  1. The alumnus can share the details in remarks and amount has no bar.
  • The bank(s) shall be authorized to honor all cheques, bills, drafts etc. presented before them and to act upon their direction.
  1. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be responsible for timely Return filing of AANKH.
  2. None of Office Bearers and Members of the Batch coordinator shall be entitled to stipend, salary and pay from the AANKH. However, they shall be entitled to reimburse themselves or pay and discharge out of the Funds of the AANKH expenses incurred and payment made by them in or about execution of the objectives of the AANKH or in relation thereto with the approval of the Executive Body.
  3. Every office bearer shall be indemnified out of funds of the AANKH against all losses and expenses incurred in the bona-fide discharge of his/her duties, except when it happens through his/her own willful neglect or dishonesty or mala-fide intention while discharging his/her duties or action resulting from willful disobedience of the law, bad faith or gross negligence.
  • All investments of the funds of the AANKH, including receipts of deposit and all deeds and documents relating to any of the properties of the AANKH, shall be kept for safe custody with the office for which President and secretary are sole responsible.
  • A lifetime membership of Rs 100/- will be collected from each alumni which provides a membership for lifetime.